IMPACT Consulting & Training Solutions

Since our establishment in 2003, IMPACT provides quality Consulting and Training Solutions to several industries with special emphasis on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in the Middle East.
The soft skills training solutions offered by IMPACT focus on Sales & Marketing Management and other essential business areas. Whereas the conduction of Assessment centers.

Our Mission is to provide practical and tailored solutions that have positive impact on the profits of our partners and the development and career path of our audience.

❖ Commit to the ultimate standards of ethical practices and integrity

❖ Strive to outstand the expectations of our customers.

❖ Acquire up-to-date knowledge to maximize the value provided to our customers.

❖ Respect customers’ beliefs and values.

At IMPACT, our training concept is to devote every effort for developing the performance of all the training audience and to pave their way to be qualified for a better career future.

Step1: In-depth assessment of the training needs of the audience (individual / group) through analytical discussions with the management to identify the specific developmental needs according to the appraisal reports and / or through conducting training needs observations, and / or current performance training needs assessment (TNA) questionnaires / interviews.

Step2: Agree with our partners/ customers on the developmental needs of their teams and hence the training objectives.

Step3: IMPACT proposes the tailor designed training program to insure full alignment with our partners / customers objectives. The program content includes interactive sessions, exercises / cases and role plays.

Step4: In order to properly close the training cycle, a follow up session is conducted four to six weeks after finishing the training program. This session considers management feedback and solves the barriers faced by the audience during application.

In addition to providing on the shelf programs, IMPACT is always keen to tailor very specific programs that fulfill the needs of our partners / customers.

Class Room Programs

Comfy (Comfortable Online) Programs

IMPACT offers three types of consulting solutions and services: Assessment center, Management consulting and Marketing consulting.

At IMPACT, we believe that the human resources are the main drivers of success for any organization. Hence, choosing the right person for any position is very impactful for organizational performance.

IMPACT conducts Assessment interviews for recommending the best suitable candidates for a Sales, Marketing or Management position. The Assessment tools includes Psychometric analysis and Case Studies in addition to the indepth analytical interviews.

Organizations at startups or as they grow climbing the steps of success face situations of experienced experts. IMPACT provides Management Consulting services in areas of Organizational Structuring, Job Descriptions, Organizational Procedures and Handling Performance Management issues. In Addition, IMPACT offers Marketing Consulting services that includes Marketing Planning, Branding