The Power of Positivity

Learning Objectives

Explore and master the power of positive thinking to:

❖Motivate yourself and others for more positive results by changing the way you think through proven positive thinking tools.

❖ Create more success and happiness in your life and learn how to generate it in others.

❖ Consider methods for improving performance through proven positive thinking techniques.


❖ Defining what is meant by positive thinking, its benefits and describing the characteristics of a positive thinker.

❖ Describing how personal achievement is linked to a positive mental attitude.

❖ Understanding the power and purpose of attitudes and its relation to behaviors.

❖ Outlining the attitudes valued at work, how to change them for self and for others.

❖ Shedding the lights on mental blocks and negative beliefs and learning how to overcome them.

❖ Explaining the relation of attitudes to goal setting and how it affects productivity in the workplace.

❖ Highlighting types of setbacks and introducing how successful people overcome them.

❖ Introducing NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as a tool for reframing negatives and transforming limiting beliefs.

❖ Unfolding the art of “Flow” and knowing how to stay in the zone.