The Basics of Services Marketing

Learning Objectives

❖ Introduce the marketing approach of service organizations and differentiate them from product marketing.

❖ Recognize different strategies for services positioning.

❖ Define the 8 petals of the Flower of Service.

❖ Highlight the 7Ps of services marketing.


❖ Describing the type of service and its marketing implications.

❖ Introducing how to position services in competitive markets.

❖ Knowing how to develop the core, and supplementary elements for service products.

❖ Outlining options and limitations of various channels of distribution in services context and various pricing strategies.

❖ Highlighting different ways of promoting services.

❖ Introducing the foundation of building and designing the service process.

❖ Presenting the building blocks of service environment.

❖ Knowing how to manage people for service advantage.